What is TuboX4 Crystal?

TuboX4 Crystal is the most complete and advanced product on the market compared to its competitors.

It has been created for those more demanding players with high-end components at a cheaper and more competitive price.

Can be used with all sizes and models of balls, be they can of 3 balls or can of 4 balls.

Our intention is to continue growing Internationally since outside our borders the use can of 4 balls is the most common.

The components are very safe and resistant, you will never have losses due to impacts or falls. In addition, to avoid possible breaks we have removed the pressure gauge from the Tube and we have integrated it into the High-end Pump to make it safer, since this component is delicate and essential.

The product withstands high pressures above 45 PSI.

Each user can give the pressure that he sees fit to the balls. At TuboPlus, with studies from our Calibration and Metrology Laboratory, we recommend pressures according to our Charts for the perfect use and recovery of the balls. This does not mean that you cannot put more pressure on the TuboX4 Crystal.

TuboX4 Crystal 9

All in one: Pack Tubo + High-end Pump with Manometer

Economical with rapid profitability

Easy closing and opening

For Padel players with 3 ball cans

For Tennis Players with 4 Ball cans


High-range alloy pump with a gauge incorporated that rotates 360o . Patented handle for better and easier pumping.

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