What is TuboX3?

TuboX3 has been designed to maintain the original pressure of the Tennis and Padel balls, and always have them perfect between matches.

It is the most economical, smallest, modern, light and easy to use pressurizer on the market that works without the need for pumps.

As soon as we finish playing Tennis or Padel, the three balls are inserted inside, we close the Tube and we make the O-ring optimum air-tightness (preventing air from escaping inside).

Once closed, using a patented thread, we gradually compress the air inside, increasing the internal pressure to 14-16 PSI. A higher pressure than that of new can and balls as soon as they leave the factory.

By filling the free space with compressed air we increase the internal pressure of the TuboX3 and thus the balls can NOT eliminate their internal air maintaining the original pressure until the next time you want to play, no matter the time that passes.

Variety of colors

Manual operation without pumps

Economical with rapid profitability

Light, easy to use and very durable

Modern and avant-garde design

How does it work?