CUBOPLUS X100 Pack + Beto High Range Foot Pump


Presurizador CON bomba incluida para cajones de pelotas.

Capacidad 103 pelotas.

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“Innovative, economic, competitive, lightweight, modern, easy, fast, comfortable, simple and great capacity”.

You will release balls every time you play or train making the most out of the balls boxes.

CuboPlus is the most advanced, lightweight and effective market pressurizer that will give you the highest profitability in the shortest possible time.

As soon as you finish playing or training the racquet´s sport you practice, you must insert 1 to 103 balls inside the CuboPlus and place the cover on top with the patented sealing system so that the pressure does not escape internal.

With the new CuboPlus you can save the number of balls you create necessary without leaving it complete with 103 balls and fill the space that is free with compressed air.

Place the tip of the feet on the sides of the CuboPlus to be able to fix it and does not move.

Close the lid with a slight turn of hands.

Join the lid with the 8 silver locking levers to ensure maximum product and that you cannot have any air leak.

Remove the plug from the Schrader valve and hook up a foot pump or an air compressor.

Pump air inside up to 21PSI. The safety valve that is installed in the cover will remove the excess air from the interior once the 25PSI is exceeded.

By increasing the internal pressure of the CuboPlus with compressed air, we create a pressurized environment inside and thus the balls cannot eliminate their internal pressure by RECOVERING THE PRESSURE after each workout.

Leave the product saved until the next time you go to play or train.

Before reopening the CuboPlus it is very important to remove the air inside by pulling on the ring of the exhaust valve to eliminate the internal pressure.

Release the lever closures and open the lid.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 75 cm